ASMIC 2022
8-11 Sept 2022




Sponsorship For Sepsis Awareness Activities 2022

In conjunction with the annual World Sepsis Day on 13th September 2022, the Malaysian Society of Intensive Care (MSIC) offers a sponsorship of up to RM 2,000.00 for each of two selected hospitals in Malaysia to organise Sepsis Awareness activities in the months of September to November 2022.  We invite brief proposals of the programme and budget to the secretariat  by 15 August 2022. 

Wellness Tips for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic
23 Aug 202

Prioritising self-care to maintain an optimal level of overall health
1. Maintain a daily routine (meals, sleep, exercise) as much as possible.
2. Eat healthy and stay hydrated.
3. Perform physical exercises regularly.

ICU Tips for the Novice
3 Aug 2022

To members of the Malaysian Society of Intensive Care

Dear Member,

The COVID 19 pandemic continues to challenge our practice and resources. A number of significant changes have to be made to our practice, including the deployment of doctors without anaesthesia and intensive care background to our ICUs. One could imagine the challenges these doctors, often junior members of the fraternity, face in adapting to the new ICU environment. To facilitate their transition to our day to day ICU practice, MSIC has supported the production of an e-flip book, 'ICU Tips for the Novice' : (formatted for horizontal view on mobile phone). We hope you find this initiative helpful for your local practice and feel free to share the link with all doctors, in particular the Medical Officers and House Officers deployed to your Intensive Care Units.

Thank you.
Professor Dato' Dr. Mohd Basri Mat Nor
Malaysian Society of Intensive Care.

MSA CoA MSIC Joint Statement on Ambulance
22 Jun 2021 - The College of Anaesthesiologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia; the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists and the Malaysian Society of Intensive Care would like to respond on the press statement by the Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba, as reported by the Bernama News Agency on 20th June 2021 with regards to the purchase of 500 negative pressure ambulances to transport Covid-19 patients. - click here for full statement
President's Message
15 Feb 2021 - It has been over a year now and we are still working hard in our fight against COVID-19. I know that all of you have been very diligent in each of the tasks entrusted to you, making a lot of sacrifices and risking your life to save others.. I know that you will continue to do so with PRIDE and with no prejudice nor discrimination. [more]
COVID-19 Crisis: To Win, Healthcare Providers Must Unite
17 Jan 2021 - We refer to the recent call made by the Ministry of Health Malaysia to private hospitals and their doctors to help with the management of COVID-19 patients. - click here to read
COVID-19 Guidelines
Consensus Statement : A Clinical Guide to Decision-making for Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients - click here
Consensus Statement on Corticosteriods for COVID-19 - click here
CPR for COVID-19 Patients in ICU - click here
Recommendations on Palliative Care in the Critically Ill Patient during COVID-19 Pandemic - click here
Venous Thromboprophylaxis in ICU patients with COVID-19 - click here
21 May 2020 - MMC has released a statement on the exemption of CPD points requirement for APC 2021. - click here to view
‘I Can Still Hear The Wails Of Sorrow’
5 May 2020 - Dr Julie Eileena Abdul Razak, an intensivist-in-training from Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), notes that she might be the last person coronavirus patients see when they’re put on a ventilator. - read more
Need to keep updated on patient care - ICU doctor at the Covid-19 frontlines
28 April 2020 - With the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc across the world, people are paying more attention than usual to intensive care units (ICU), where the worst-affected Covid-19 patients are placed.- read more
ICU doctor: Video calls with family vital for critically ill Covid-19 patients
28 April 2020 - Covid-19 is so highly transmissible that patients of the virus are not allowed any visitors throughout their treatment, not even their closest family members. - read more
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