MSIC Seed Grant 2024 Call for Application Documents

To boost intensive care research in Malaysia, MSIC is pleased to invite you to apply for its 2024 Research Seed Grant. The Seed Grant offers up to a maximum of RM 10,000 of funding for each approved research project. The deadline for the Seed Grant application is 29th February 2024. Approval for the Seed Grant will be made known to applicants by May 2024. Administration of this Seed Grant is executed by MSIC Research Management Group. Shortlisted applications will be forwarded to the MSIC Exco for endorsement.


A. Eligibility

1. Applicants must be registered MSIC members with no outstanding fees.

2. Each project should involve at least one intensivist. Collaboration between hospitals or institutions is encouraged.

3. The project must be on intensive care related research which can be of fundamental or clinical type.

4. Current holders of MSIC Research Seed Grants are not eligible to apply.

5. The research project is new and under the review of or already has/have valid approval from any medical research ethics committee(s) in Malaysia at the time of application submission.

6. The research project will be conducted in Malaysia. If it is an international and/or multi-centre research project, one of the research sites must be in Malaysia.

7. Application for supplementary funding for existing research grants will not be accepted.

8. Adherence to this guideline is MANDATORY.


B. Application Process

1. Application must be made through the following link or QR code:

2. Only a complete application form including relevant required documents submitted prior to the deadline will be considered and evaluated.

3. The application process is confidential. Information will not be released other than in compliance with any waiver or consent given by the applicants.


C. Conditions of MSIC Research Seed Grant

1. The applicants must abide by these rules and regulations, and the decisions made by the MSIC Research Management Group and MSIC Exco shall be final.

2. The MSIC Research Management Group must be informed if there is a change in the PI. The fund will be terminated if the PI leaves the research project unless arrangement(s) is/are made and that arrangement(s) is/are deemed satisfactory to the MSIC Research Management Group and MSIC Exco.

3. Each project is to be completed within a period of two years from the date of the Seed Grant award.

4. Grant holders are required to provide a progress report to the MSIC Research Management Group every six months using the prescribed online form. The final report must be submitted when the project is completed.

5. Any extension to the two-year timeline must be formally applied to the MSIC Research Management Group three months prior to the deadline. Only one extension is allowed.

6. The disbursement of the Seed Grant will be through mutually agreed institutional accounts, in Malaysian Ringgit, released once ethics approval(s) is/are obtained and will be issued progressively in accordance with invoices and statements.

7. Grant holders will be expected to present their findings either at the MSIC Annual Scientific Meeting on Intensive Care (ASMIC) or at any major national or international scientific conferences. If the presentation is not at ASMIC, a copy of the abstract should still be sent to MSIC.

8. Grant holders are expected to produce at least one indexed journal paper from the funded project.

9. All publications and presentations arising from the project must acknowledge the funding role of MSIC. Copies of any publications should be sent to MSIC for its record and for display on its website, subject to the publishing journals’ copyright rules.

10. Termination of the Seed Grant may be considered if these conditions are not observed.


Feel free to contact the MSIC Research Management Group via for any clarification on the Seed Grant applications. We look forward to receiving your application.




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